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*** Latest Update ***

The new version of My Collection is now available by clicking here.

We are aware of a number of issues and are working to resolve them.

To contact us about this message, please click here.

The new version of My Collection is now live.

With a new look and feel, more intuitive interface and additional features, it is based on the Stamps of the World 2012 catalogue data.

All data and images held in the old My Collection have been ported across to the new version.

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My Collection is a revolutionary new, web-based tool which has been developed by the team at Stanley Gibbons to help collectors manage, view and value their collections online.

Having consulted experienced stamp collectors during the development of My Collection, we believe that we have produced a facility which allows the logical organisation of stamps based upon the listings contained within the world-renowned Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World 2006 catalogue. (more catalogues to follow)

With My Collection, you can:

  • Browse Stanley Gibbons' online catalogue library and catalogue your entire collection 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Add additional details to all of the stamps in your collection including a personal description, a purchase price, alternative catalogue number and more importantly, you can upload your own images of the stamps in your collection.
  • Organise your collection in to online albums. Replicate your albums online or create additional ones, such as thematic albums.
  • View and print your collection with images and full descriptions. You can view your collection in its entirety or by distinct countries (and sub categories) or albums.
  • View a summary of your collection, highlighting the value of your collection, sections thereof and individual albums.
  • Create a definitive spreadsheet of your collection, which could be used for insurance and valuation purposes.


You can easily manage your collection by breaking it down into countries as you would with your physical collection. You can then add personal descriptions and details such as the purchase price for material and your own reference numbers. Most importantly, you can upload images of your stamps and quickly create multiple listings for duplicates in your collection. One key feature of My Collection is the ability it gives collectors to create virtual albums, this means that not only can you replicate your physical collection, but you can also generate other albums such as thematics for example.


You can admire your collection at any time, with images and full descriptions displayed on print-friendly pages. You can choose which area of your collection to view by album, country or other sub-categories, with the results displayed in album-style pages. You can then choose to view a particular stamp in more detail if you wish, or print your album pages for a high-quality graphical representation of your collection


If you would like to view a summary of your collection you can easily access a breakdown of your albums, with details of the number of new and used stamps contained in each, what they cost to acquire, and of course, what they are currently worth according to the Stanley Gibbons catalogue.


If you would find it useful to have a detailed record of your collection for valuation and insurance purposes, you can take advantage of the Output facility in My Collection which allows users to produce spreadsheets of their collection for use with Microsoft Excel.

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